Programs List

Project Men focuses on guiding students to think beyond where they believe accomplishing their goals are impossible. Although the program only targets young boys, admission into our programs is not contingent upon one’s race, disability, demographic or socio-economic standing. All middle and high school boys, roughly ages 11-18, are eligible to sign up for our programs. 


Leading Lights Program

Year round leadership initiative, 99% of our students have improved academics, better school attendance rates, build stronger relationships and increased confidence in skills achieved. 


Spring Break Through Miami

This program is during Spring Break. The young men participating will enjoy fun activities such as Field Trips, Workshops, Games, Character Building, Guest Speakers and much more


Summer Youth Program

This program will entail a diverse set of workshops that will coincide with everyday life lessons, building cognitive learning skills, create a business plan, identify potential careers, and prepare and encourage all students to matriculate into a college or university